Dear Patients,

We are pleased to introduce telemedicine visits, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide our full range of patient care while COVID-19 is circulating. This will allow us to provide care to patients remotely, and those patients may not need to come into the office.

It is our hope that this will help ensure continuity of care for patients, and provide some convenience to families who are now fully at home due to school closures, work-from-home, and similar circumstances.

These visits are now available on a limited basis with Dr Sanka and Dr Chamarthy from Monday-Thursday from 8am-1pm.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the distribution of health-related services and information using telecommunication technology. It allows remote video and audio communication between a patient and physician. Patients remain at home for their appointment, and may not need to come into a clinical office.

How is AAAC offering telemedicine?

We are able to conduct certain visit types online using video conferencing. The service connects video and audio between a patient (at home) and a physician, using a secure online connection. Everyone is able to see each other live and communicate back and forth, just as you would in an exam room.

Who can have a telemedicine visit?

Certain visit types may be excluded, and our office staff will provide that information as needed.

During scheduling calls, our staff will determine if a requested visit is eligible for telemedicine. If it is, and the patient’s family has access to a device with internet and camera, the visit can be scheduled as telemedicine. If your device does not support telemedicine, we can convert the call to FaceTime or audio.

Any patient with an eligible office visit(not testing) can use telemedicine with the physician.

What do patients need to do for a telemedicine visit?

After the visit is scheduled, our staff will send a confirmation email with the visit details and web site access ink.

Patients will need to read over the email, and follow the instructions to test the connection to our video conference service.

At the time of the visit, patients will use the link from the confirmation email to access our telemedicine page, and enter their video conference with the physician.

Please note: During a telemedicine visit, the physician may decide a patient still needs to be seen in the office. In that case, those patients will receive additional information about what to do.