Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring to my first appointment at Advanced Allergy and Asthma Care, PLLC (AAAC) ?

We want to make your first visit with us a pleasant one. We ask that you bring your insurance card(s), a photo ID; your registration form(s) that were either mailed to you or printed from this website (Click here for forms). Also bring all of your medications or a list of all your current medications with you. Upon each visit with your physician we collect the appropriate co-pay amount and deductibles.  Our offices accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and personal checks for your convenience.  There is a $5.00 minimum for using a credit card.


Will I be tested at my first visit?

After the doctor performs the initial evaluation and consultation, she will decide if testing is indicated.  You may be tested that day if the schedule allows.  Otherwise you will be return for a separate testing appointment.  This is done to allow the doctor to have adequate time to care for you.  In case you may be tested that same day, we advise you to stop taking all antihistamine medications for 5 days before the appointment.  If you are unable to, please continue your medications and discuss with the doctor at the time of the visit. She may be able to prescribe an alternative medication.  Do NOT stop any of your other medications, such as nose sprays or asthma inhalers!


Can I get an evening or weekend appointment?

Please review the office locations (see link above to locations/hours) on this website for each locations office hours.  Dr Sanka, and Dr Chamarthy are available 24/7 through calling our main phone line (727-544-8100) which will connect you to the answering service and page the doctor for you.


What happens if I miss an appointment?

Because we are concerned about you and don’t want you to forget, we will call to remind you of your appointment 1-2 days in advance.  If we do not hear back from you, we will call you a 2nd time.  Please confirm the appointment when you receive the call to avoid call backs.


Advanced Allergy and Asthma Care, PLLC now follows the process below if you miss your appointments:


  • 1st missed appointment: we will call you and offer to reschedule the appointment. You may be charged a missed appointment fee of $25.00.
  • 2nd missed appointment: we will call you and offer to reschedule the appointment.    You may be charged a missed appointment fee of $25.00.
  • 3rd missed appointment: this could result in your discharge from our practice and a missed appointment fee of up to $50.00. You may be asked to find another physician.


So – DON’T BE A ‘NO-SHOW’ – let’s work together to provide you with the care you deserve!



Who do I contact regarding my bill?

Our central billing office handles all of our patient’s billing needs, from the electronic filing of insurance claims and patient statements to assisting our patient’s with questions regarding their bill. The Billing Office can be contacted at 1-877-233-3656, where one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist with any billing questions.


What insurance plans does my doctor accept?

Advanced Allergy and Asthma Care, PLLC participates with Medicare and most Commercial insurance plans. Please call our office to verify if our physicians participate with your specific plan. You can also check our insurance list.


Which hospitals do Advanced Allergy and Asthma Care, PLLC physicians have privileges for?

Should the need arise for you to be hospitalized; the Advanced Allergy and Asthma Care Physicians have privileges at the following hospitals:

  • All Children’s Hospital, consulting privileges only
  • St. Anthony’s Hospital, consulting privileges only


How do I get a copy of my records from Advanced Allergy and Asthma Care, PLLC?

To receive a copy of your medical records please download the medical records release authorization form (link to .pdf), complete the information requested and submit it to our office for processing. For requests >20 pages, there will be a nominal flat fee charge of $6.50 PLUS in some cases, additional actual costs, compliant with Florida statutes for requesting medical records. There is no charge for releasing medical records to other physicians, as long as we have your signed consent.


Stop these oral antihistamines for 5 days before your allergy skin testing appointment:

  • Allegra® (Fexofenadine)
  • Atarax®
  • Vistaril® (Hydroxyzine)
  • Zyrtec® (Cetirizine)
  • Claritin® (loratidine)
  • Clarinex® (Desloratadine)
  • Actifed®
  • Dimetapp® (Brompheniramine)
  • Benadryl® (Diphenhydramine)
  • Chlortrimeton® (Chlorpheniramine)
  • Phenergan® (Promethazine)
  • Tavist®
  • Antihist® (Clemastine)
  • Actifed®
  • Aller-Chlor®
  • Bromfed®
  • Drixoral®
  • Dura-tab®
  • Novafed-A®
  • Ornade®
  • Poly-Histine-D®
  • Trinalin® (Combination medicines)


If you are not sure if the medicine you are taking is an antihistamine, please call our office.