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 8 reviews
by marlene hovermill on
Dr Chamarthy

My experience with mt appointments with Dr. Chamarthy were both professionaland friendly. She was accurate in prescribing medication that helped me to improve the symptoms i was experiencing for over 6 weeks.I am very happy i make an appointment to see her and will rest easy knowing she isthere if i should need her professional services in the future.I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to her for outstanding care.

by Jo-Anne on
Dr. Chamarthy

Dr. Latha Chamarthy is an awesome Doctor and person. She is very kind, professional, and thorough. We have trusted her with our daughter's care for 6 years and going now. She doesn't push you to do something, but she gives us the best advice and possible courses of action that allows us to make an informed decision.

by Nelson Guerra on
I recommend Dr. Sanka

When my primary Dr. referred me to Dr. Sanka, I had a very bad hives, for no apparent reason, and with no apparent cause. Dr. Sanka did extensive diagnostic testing, and prescribed medications that helped greatly. There was never a long wait to see Dr. Sanka, and the staff was always friendly and knowledgeable. With Dr. Sanka's care, I no longer suffer from this condition. We need more doctors like Dr. Sanka!

by Laura on
Dr. Sanka is great!

Dr. Sanka is not only a wonderful doctor but a caring person as well. She takes extra time out in reviewing your medical records and test results to find the best solution for you. She found a questionable problem in my blood and not only did she redo the test but also ordered additional testing be done. She has helped me decrease my asthma medication by 75 percent. Dr. Sanka is a great doctor!

by Deborah on
Life Changing

Since moving to Tampa in 2011 I have suffered terribly with my allergy induced asthma. For 4 years I was in and out of doctors offices and the hospital trying to get my asthma under control. My asthma was so severe, all anyone could do is put me on prednisone, as soon as that wore off I would go right back in to the stages of sneeze, cough, drip, then asthma. It was a viscous cycle, I lived on my nebulizer, I always had to use my emergency inhaler, much to no avail. Finally due to insurance changes I was able to go to an allergist. Dr. Sanka was ready to partake in this battle head on. In fact her words were, "we will take this journey together" just having someone understand what I had went thru for so long and the fact she was willing to actually help was all I could ask. My prayers were answered with Dr. Sanka. I have been practically asthma free since March of 2016. No hospital visits and I haven't had to use my nebulizer or my emergency inhaler hardly at all. Dr. Sanka took the time to get to know me and listen! I owe my life to her. I truly felt I was going to die from this. I was so down, the agony of not being able to breath is at times taken for granted. Being a person that has had asthma her whole life I just cannot take this for granted. I am now active once again, enjoying life. Something I didn't think I was going to be able to do. My office is in S. Tampa. The whole staff is amazing and I recommend everyone who has any type of allergy to go there. They were my Godsend. Thanks advanced Allergy and Asthma Care.

by Christy Derito on

I drive across the bay just to come to Advanced Allergy and Asthma. I love the office staff and Dr. Sanka is amazing. I love catching up with her during our visits. They are very welcoming and concerned for my health. I can even bring my little ones along with no worries. Thanks ladies!!!

by Patty on

I had a serious case of seasonal allergies, and the doctors here at Advanced Allergy and Asthma Care helped bring me back to some normalcy. Something that I hadn't experienced for some time before my visit with them!

by Brad on
Great doctors!

This is a great group of doctors with many locations around the Tampa area to pick from.